DB3 Shuttlecock Badminton Feeder Machine

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Model: DB3

1. Shuttlecock badminton feeder machine.

2. Exquisite remote control (speed,frequency, horizontal and so on).

3. Smart remote control with LCD screen.

4. Vertical angle adjust by manual operation.

5. Suitable for any shuttlecock( nylon, plastic and so on).


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DB3 Shuttlecock Badminton Feeder Machine For Shooting Throwing Training

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Item Model: DB3
1. Automatic badminton feeder machine.
2. Intelligent remote control.
3. Fixed point ball, speed adjustment, horizontal swing, frequency adjustment.
4. Remote distance over 100 meters.
5. LCD display on remote control, easy to operate.
6. Elevation angle adjusted by manual.
7. Suited for any material balls (nylon ball, plastic ball and badminton ball).
8. Light and handy, suitcase type.
9. Folding tripod wheels with brake, easy to carry.

1. Ball frequency: 1.2-4.5 seconds/ball
2. Elevation adjustment: -17° to 24° (manual control)
3. Direction control: external
4. Ball capacity: 180 balls
5. Color: Black & Red
6. Lifting: 145cm-215cm
7. Net weight: 20kg
8. Power type: AC 100V-240V
9. Horizontal: 30°( by remote)

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