B2000 Automatic Shuttlecock Badminton Launcher

Short Description:

Model: B2000

1. Automatic shuttlecock badminton launcher machine.

2. Suitable for any kinds of shuttlecocks.

3. High quality shooting wheels.

4. Large capacity of shuttlecock holder.

5. Fashionable and portable.

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B2000 Automatic Shuttlecock Badminton Launcher

We're professional badminton training machine, shuttlecock serving machine, launching machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have been specializing in providing high quality sporting goods since 2006. We warmly welcome you to buy our badminton feeder machine, badminton shooting machine, badminton launcher robot, feeding machine, throwing equipment for personal use or wholesale/distribute our badminton machines in your local market.

Are you still troubled with no partner to play badminton?

No worries, our badminton training machine will be accompanying you, making your training more effectively and efficiently, bringing you health and happiness!

Item Model: B2000
1. Nets in front of the fixed ball, backfield fixed ball, front and back ball.
2. Two-line ball in front of the net, two-line ball in the backfield.
3. Swing the ball horizontally in the backfield.
4. Left cross ball, left cross ball, quartet ball, random ball.
5. Work/pause.
6. Speed is adjustable.
7. The frequency is adjustable.

Product Parameters:
1. Voltage: AC 100---240V
2. Speed: 20-140km/hours
3. Frequency: 1.2-6 seconds
4. Elevation: automatic by remote control  
5. Horizontal: automatic by remote control
6. Shooting direction: External
7. Ball capacity: 180-200pcs    
8. Color: Black  
9. Weight: 40KG

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