The serve is weakly?

A: Causes
(1) AC/DC power supply is not normal.
(2) The tennis elastic is not enough.
(3) The internal components of machine is damaged
Elimination methods
(1) Check the AC/DC power supply is normal.
(2) Change tennis
(3) Please contact with dealers or manufacturer

The machine can't serve or the ball get stuck?

A: Causes
there is oil or water on the wheel, or non-standard ball
Elimination methods
(1) Turn off the power, wipe up the water or oil with dry cloth , and take out all of the ball. Change the speed of machine to the fastest and test. Test without balls for a few minutes first, then put the ball in the machine to test.
(2) If you still can't solve the problem, please contact with the dealer or manufacturer.

Fixed point unstable?

A: Causes
(1) The ball has different specifications.
(2) The quality of the ball is not the same.
(3) The reacting force of the machine will make it shifting when working.
Elimination method
In the test of machine, please try to use the same size of ball as much as possible.

Pounds are not accurate when stringing?

A: Causes:
(1) Please test whether the power is over-high or over-low (connect the stable voltage supply over 200W)
(2) Built-in device loose contact or damage (please contact with the manufacturer)

The string of the stringing machine, sliding pounds or clips are not tight?

A: Causes:
(1) The clip screw of the wire drawing machine is loose, please lock it firmly.
(2) The contact parts of stringing machine and the string have oil stains, please clean with alcohol and clean soft cloth.

The badminton racket is deformed. What are the reasons?

A: Causes:
(1)The racket of tennis/ badminton quality are not good.
(2)The stringing pounds of badminton is more then 30 LB.
(3)The stringing pounds of tennis is more then 60 LB.
Elimination method
Please adjust the stringing pounds:
Tennis racket stringing pounds: 48-60 LB
Badminton racket stringing pounds: 18-30 LB