Intelligent Badminton Training Machine Shuttlecock Shooting Machine B1600

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Intelligent Badminton Shooting Machine Badminton serving Robot B1600

Practice Badminton maybe you are still troubled by the following problems?

  1. Cant find a coach? Slow improvement for badminton playing skill?
  2. Lack of badminton player companion?
  3. High training cost?

The wisdom of technology to sublimate the charm of the stadium

Every side of a passionate life , its all just the right self-expression

B1600 is a comprehensive technology product that integrates electronic machinery into one, and serves automatically. Intelligent programming, exquisite and stylish design, beautiful display, small space occupation, can enjoy the fun of badminton anytime, anywhere, suitable for men,women and children, with a variety of functions such as serving practice, interest cultivation, personal interaction, etc.It is good for fitness entertainment and badminton training Partners, and it solved the problem of excessive relying on the ball partners and coaches in traditional badminton training, bring an updated experience to the people who love badminton.

Intelligent shooting serving, you can practice without companions. No companions required, no venue restrictions, exquisite shape, occupy small space.

No need to pick up the ball frequently, make the playing last longer

Large capacity ball cage design, could hold 180 balls, solve the trouble of frequent ball picking

Product highlights

High quality, Great creativeness

Suitable for any balls and no stuck in serving: Suitable for nylon balls, plastic balls, feather balls and other balls

Wear-resistant shooting wheels: Professional characteristics of the shooting wheels, super soft rubber material, will not damage the balls

Large capacity ball holder: With 200pcs balls, training lasts longer and challenges the limit

High-performance photoelectric sensor: Machine operation is more reliable and stable

Automatic pitch angle serving system:

Serving angle -18 degree to 35 degree, arbitrary choice of drop point

High clear function: The highest point can reach 8 meters high

Smash ball function

Super high clear function

Max up to 7.5 meters, allowing trainers to effectively train the smash ball function

Equipped with large-capacity lithium battery: No need to pall wires cable on site, can move freely in the field

Power type: AC100-240V

Over current, over voltage protection: Safety guarantee, safe use

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