DL2 Automatic Basketball Shooting Machine

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Model: DL2

1. Automatic basketball shooting machine.

2. Fixed-point shooting.

3. Jumping shot.

4. Catching shot.

5. Action shot.

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DL2 Automatic Basketball Shooting Machine

Basketball shooting machine or basketball passing machine is an automatic rebounder. These ball machines rebound and pass back both made and missed shots, which help basketball players to get up more shots in less time. DL2 is the top model of DKSPORTBOT indoor basketball training machines, 5 pre-set programs and 17 optional locations displayed on the LED panel allow you to work on your game alone much easier on the half court from any spot. DL2 is the ultimate solution for progressive basketball coaches and players to get quality workouts at any time. The number of increased repetitions a team can get when utilizing a basketball automatic shooting machine is undeniably very valuable.

Item Model: DL2
1. Automatic Basketball Shooting Machine.
2. Can practice shooting posture, holding skills, two-point and three-point shooting. Fixed-point shots, shooting on the move, jump shots, hollow shots etc.
3. 17 points in different modes of programming.
4. Fixed-point, horizontal ball, spin, speed adjustment, frequency adjustment.
5. Circulation net system, which can be used for 1-3 balls.
6. Fixed point or horizontal shooting with 180 degree.
7. The distance between two service wheels can be adjusted according to personal preference or habits, to control the intensity and speed of the ball.
8. Practice physical strength and reaction speed.
9. Fastest: 2.6 sec/ball, Slowest: 4.5 sec/ball.

1. Color: Light Green
2. Net weight: 123kg
3. Power: 180W
4. Frequency: 2.6-4.5s/ball
5. Voltage: AC 110V/220V

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