DL3 Basketball Passing Machine

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Model: DL3

1. Basketball passing machine for feeding.

2. Remote control.

3. Ball direction, Speed, frequency adjustable.

4. 180°  shooting area.

5. 2 years warranty time, have warehouse in USA, Canada, and danmark.

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DL3 Basketball Passing Machine

DL3 comes with a intelligent remote controller, you don’t need to get to the basketball machine to set up the drills, saving time and staying focus just on the court. On the smart remote controller for DL3, it not only displays all the serving information(Serving No., drop point, speed and frequency). More importantly, coaches or players can set or change these parameters timely to meet specific demands on training.

Item Model: DL3
1. Basketball Feeding Passing Machine.
2. Frequency, speed and mode adjusted by remote control.
3. Can practice shooting, body posture, ball possession, two-pointers and three -pointers, fixed-point shooting.
4. Circular network system, can be used for 1-5 balls
5. 4 Models, can select the fixed point, 2,3,5,7 points.
6. Adjustable service frequency, 2.5-10 sec/ball.
7. Suitable for #6 and #7 ball, adjustable speed.
8. The height of the ball can be freely adjusted according to the height of the player. The height of drop point is 1.2-2 meters.
9. Speed and frequency can be adjusted according to the player’s habits and skill level to achieve technology improvement.

1. Voltage: AC 110V/220V
2. Ball capacity: 1-3 balls
3. Serving height: 1.2-2m
4. Closed volume: 90*64*172cm
5. Horizontal angle: 180 degree
6. Power: 150W
7. Frequency: 2.5-10 sec/ball
8. Net weight: 127kg
9. Color: Blue & Black
10. Suitable for: enterprise, personal, park square, school, training institutions, club, sports town, featured towns.

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