Badminton Machine Multi-directional Launch Ball

The overall structure and layout of the dispenser

In fact, the most appearing at home and abroad is the table tennis machine, and the most widely used, which may be simple with the table tennis structure, so the design of its matching machine is also relatively easy, and badminton machine according to badminton To design on the complex, bad friction between the badminton is too large, can not be loaded with a number of badminton and then fired, the design of this badminton automatic dispenser, in fact, can only be semi-automatic, because it requires manual to the conveyor belt It is the advantage of the multi-directional launch of the ball, the launch tube can be on, under, left and right adjustment, according to the movement of their own needs, the bottom is the sports car, that is, support the system, followed by the order Is the drive system, the launch system, the right is the design of the automatic feeding system, as a whole it is bigger than the table tennis ball machine, at present, in the field of the hair machine, the development of a more perfect table tennis machine, The market appeared on several table tennis ball machine principle and structure have a certain understanding, table tennis ball machine owner To use the principle of energy conservation to design and production. It will first spin the rotation of the paddle, when the elastic paddle encountered block block after bending deformation, resulting in elastic potential energy. When the elastic paddles slide over the stopper due to bending deformation, it will quickly restore the original shape and hit the rear of the table tennis by the front end of the elastic paddle. Will be flexible paddle of the elastic potential energy into table tennis kinetic energy, so that the table tennis produced a certain initial speed, to achieve the purpose of launching table tennis.

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The badminton ball machine and the existing badminton on the market compared to the ball machine, has the following characteristics: (1) mechanical mechanism is simple and reliable. The main mechanical structure of the ball machine is only the rotation of the elastic paddle, because of its simple and reliable mechanical structure, which makes the badminton serve the ball continuous, accurate, no card phenomenon. (2) low cost. This badminton ball machine more than 90% of the materials are common in the recycling of waste materials made of, so not only reduce the manufacturing costs, but also to protect the environment. (3) suitable for beginners to use. As the market sales of similar products are designed for the high level of table tennis enthusiasts, the form of a variety of serve, it is not suitable for beginners to use, and the hair machine issued a single table tennis line, accurate placement , Very suitable for beginners in order to practice the basic skills of badminton and use. The main innovation (1) hit the ball with the way to hit, different from the common rotating friction; (2) the use of elastic paddle encountered block deformation caused by the elastic deformation of the badminton; (3) Made of lever-type stir the club, in the set of players in the continuous rotation of the ball, through the table tennis ball machine research, you can set 100 long, applied to my design.

Post time: Sep-11-2019