Demystifying the artifact of Liaoning women’s volleyball training, it turns out that Ding Xia was made like this

One minute on the field, ten years off the field. The performance on the field is the embodiment of training. During the league, the training of each team is also worth seeing. For example, the women’s volleyball training ground of Liaoning Radio and Television Station has many interesting “small props”.


On the training ground, Ding Xia has the most auxiliary tools for the second pass. First, she practiced her pass positioning net bag. Every time she receives a ball, Ding Xia will pass the ball into the net bag. According to the coach of the Liaoning team, this net bag is made by the team itself, hoping to improve the accuracy of the second pass through such exercises and achieve the effect of “where to pass”. In daily training, Ding Xia will use this small prop for positioning exercises, “This is often used to pass, but there will be no requirements to pass a few. It is usually a reference. If you don’t use it, it won’t work,” see The Liaoning team is very meticulous in the second pass training. Ding Xia also said with a smile that this pass net bag has been passed once. “The transmission was broken, and then it was welded.”

In addition to using a net bag to practice positioning, Ding Xia also uses a different ball when practicing passing. She uses a slightly heavier ball than the game ball. Unlike the daily blue and yellow ball, Ding Xia uses a white MIKSA ball. The ball is marked with “heavy weight”. The coach of the Liaoning team told reporters that the girl’s fingers were not strong enough. In order to increase finger strength, heavy balls are used during setter training. Ding Xia said that she also used heavy balls during training for the national team. “But our team’s ball is heavier than the national team’s,”

Counting up the training props, you can’t help but mention the Chinese women’s volleyball ball machine. Friends who have played Plants vs. Zombies must still remember the pea shooter. When the Chinese womens volleyball team was preparing for the Rio Olympics, the national team used the ball machine called the “pea shooter” by the players. “War”, exciting man-machine battles are indispensable on the volleyball court.



This volley serving machine is mainly used to train the ability of one pass, which is divided into different gears from 1 to 10. The higher the gear, the faster the ball speed. As the training progresses, many players will be hit with red arms, which shows the power of the ball machine. Compared with the player’s serve simulation, the server serves more stable and more impactful.


Whether it is a national team or a local team, there are special training methods and tips. If you want a wonderful performance on the field, the off-court players and the coaching staff need to work harder.

Post time: Sep-08-2020