How to maintain basketball

How to maintain basketball


1, select the venue, according to the different use of the venue, need to choose a different venue with the ball. There are two options: outdoor ball (oudoor) or indoor ball (indoor). General wood flooring, plastic flooring, water field and other smooth venue selection of indoor ball, that is more PU ingredients with basketball; cement venues, street basketball venues and mud selection outdoor basketball.

2. Basketball fear of water, no matter what kind of material basketball, what brand, what model, basketball is afraid of water, usually should not be careful not to get basketball on the water, do not play in the rain, otherwise, Basketball life, while the basketball left the internal injuries, and soon completed the course of life; In addition, the wet basketball is easier to open plastic;

3, regular inspection, basketball need to regularly check, mainly to determine its inflatable saturation, not too saturated or no gas. The most intuitive check method is: the basketball straight hand to the top of the head, lightly put the basketball floor, playing to the chest, that inflatable appropriate; such as playing to the front that inflatable too full;

4, do not do the ball, usually do not play the time, or rest, do not sit on the basketball, do not use heavy pressure basketball, or basketball easy to deformation, good basketball, if not round, it may also leave the pitch Not too far away

5, do not be exposed, when the basketball is not used in a cool dry place, do not put on the balcony and other sunny places, exposure is easy to make basketball leather oxidation, but also easy to make the bladder burst;

6, basketball storage, basketball storage environment has to pay attention, can not be placed in high temperature, high humidity place. For example: sunburn breathable car. After use, it is best not to use water to clean the basketball, and to dry cloth is better. The second of the charm of basketball is to race against time. A basketball game, time is limited, so every second is very precious, a lot of time, winning or losing to the last second to decide. There is a very cool word called “lore”, meaning the last big reversal, a “kill” word out of the basketball game of tension and intense, and this is the charm of basketball.

The charm of basketball is the spirit of never give up. Basketball as the theme of the books, countless movies and television works, I have seen the “slam dunk master”, “big dunk”, “basketball fire”, “basketball tribe”, there is a basketball theme directly on the TV series Called “never give up”. Competition to the end, everyone’s physical strength to the limit, this time to fight is the spirit of the power, who can never give up, quite to the end, who is the winner. That one is full of sweaty face, that pair of resolute unyielding eyes, silently declared: we never give up! And that’s where the charm of basketball lies.

Post time: Sep-11-2019