Electric Racket Stringing Machine Maintenance Requirements

After buying a professional threading machine, you need to pay attention to its daily cleaning and maintenance, so as to ensure that it can always perform well. You should control the manufacturers to the maintenance manual, a careful understanding of routine maintenance should pay attention to matters. Different threading machines differ in maintenance requirements, but the following are some of the basic points you must follow.


1) Keep clean. After each 20 to 30 tempo, or every week on the turntable and clip cleaning time, of course, the more frequent the better clean up. Other tools have to clean up together, such as resistance clip, scissors and so on.

2) check the scale device. After each cleaning to check whether the measuring device is accurate, which can ensure that you pull the cable when the pull accuracy.

3) Keep away from dust. Threading machine when not in use, it is best to use things up cover, to avoid dust intrusion.

4) Lubricants must be added according to the manufacturer's instructions. If the lubricant is in the wrong place, it may have catastrophic consequences, but in some places it is necessary to add lubricant regularly to ensure proper operation. Also note that we must use matching lubricants. 5) daily maintenance records. Write down daily maintenance records, including cleanup, maintenance and other data, in order to provide a reference for the next maintenance. Whether it is a threading division or a shop, as long as the customer is to provide threading service, then the threading machine is one of the core part of your business. Since the purchase of threading machines is an important part of your business investment, then in order to make a smart and reasonable investment, you first need to assess your current business situation, and the future of all possible changes are taken into account

According to the number of your threading, a quality guaranteed threading machine can generally use 5 to 10 years, or even longer. In order to maximize the benefits of investment threading machines, you need to seriously consider everything, from the type of threading machine to the warranty time and the manufacturer to provide after-sales service how. In general, in order to maximize the return on investment, you should buy the best threading machine you can pay.

So is not the most expensive on the best? This is not the case. Your purchase decision can maximize the help of your customers, this is your selection of threading machine when a basic principle. Of course, the price must be considered, but that is not the decisive factor. This is the same as your selection for him / her racket, the same reason is also suitable for your business selection threading machine, with the most expensive or cheap and direct relationship.

You want to buy the threading machine to meet all your requirements on the threading performance, so as to provide your customers with high quality threading services, and then play a role in promoting your business. It must ensure that your investment value for money, and in the next few years continue to bring you a return.

Post time: Sep-11-2019