How To Use The Ball Machine Correctly

The fixed point is the first step from the high-rise floor, let the ball machine be your entry teacher, but you can easily achieve a professional multi-ball training environment, standardized hitting and rotating. The most important thing is that it can be adjusted at any time, and it can be practiced in a targeted way for beginners to think that they are weak.


The introductory training program for the teacher of the ball machine: refining the single point to lay the foundation

1. Forehand attack on the forehand, 100/group, each time

2, Backhand position of the backhand (or push, cross), 100 / group, each time two groups

3, The backhand side of the backhand attack, 100 / group, each time two groups

The purpose of practicing the fixed point without turning the ball is to fix the hitting action and improve the sense of the ball. At the same time, it can also cultivate the judgment of the arc, speed and hitting point of the ball when hitting the ball. It is the basis for all connections, just like improving the skill. The internal strength is generally higher, the higher the level of training, the more solid, the greater the tactical use of the actual combat.


TIPS: During exercise, you must pay attention to ensuring the correctness and standardization of the action, so that you can play a fixed action to improve the mastery of each individual technology, otherwise you can only hurt yourself.

Post time: Dec-28-2019