Is Soccer ball training machine useful ?

People may have doubt whether it is really useful to buy a soccer ball launcher for training . As football shooting machines developped out in market all these years , if no useful, it would not be such popular in training field . No matter personal use, club use, school use etc. all are ok .

Recommend you siboasi(dksportbot) soccer/football training machines , very popular in market now.

Soccer ball machine

Function Description :
  • Smart remote control with fullfunction(speed,frequency,horizontal angle,spin)
  • You can realize different modes of training by intelligent programming.
  • High performance of photoelectric sensors makes the machine runs more stably and reliably.
  • You can achieve the unique functions by setting different speed, spin and relevant angle
  • The remote control is clear and easy to operate with LCD screen
  • Remote control with different vertical and horizontal elevation, arbitrary choice of placement
  • Random function
  • Left and right spin adjustment
  • Remote control with different vertical elevation of two line function(wide,middle,narrow),three line functions
  • One button to choose six kinds of cross-line ball
  • One button to choose different horizontal ball.
  • One button to choose different vertical elevation ball.
  • DC12V,Intelligent converter 100--240V,suitable for any country
  • The key components: shooting wheels and the main motor with high quality materials are
  • durable,motor service life can be up to 10 years
  • Large and fashionable moving wheels,noble and wear-resisting

Instruction of remote control :

  • (1) Fixed point: Press once to enter fixed point.
  • Remark:up,down,left,right button can be adjusted.
  • (2) Vertical : First press enter vertical. Second press enter high&low.
  • Remark:Left&Right direction button can be adjusted.
  • (3) Horizontal: First press enter horizontal. Second press enter wide two line.
  • Third press enter middle line. Forth press enter narrow two line.
  • Fifth press enter three line.
  • Remark: up, down direction button can ajust the height.
  • (4) Random: Random ball in the whole court
  • (5) Cross two-line: First press enter left light point&middle deep point
  • Second press enter left deep point&middle light point
  • Third press enter middle light point&right deep point
  • Forth press enter middle deep point&right light point
  • Fifth press enter left light point&right deep point
  • Sixth press enter left deep point&right light point
  • (6) Program on: ①Press for 3seconds enter program on,display area has a flash point, this is the drop
  • point.
  • ②Press up,down,left,right to choose the drop point.
  • ③When choose the drop point press "program on" to save the drop point.
  • Remark:different drop points can set different training modes.
  • (7) Program off: ① Program on. ②First, press up, down ,left, right to choose the drop point.
  • ③When you want to cancel position then press program off button.
  • ④Press program off for 3seconds to cancel all the drop points.
  • (8) Left spin: Six left spin modes, every press for one mode.
  • Right spin: Six right spin modes, every press for one mode.

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Post time: Aug-20-2022