Tennis Ball Machine Buying Guide

When you are looking for a tennis ball machine to help you practice your game you do not just want to purchase any old ball machine. These machines are not cheap so you need one that will work well for you for a long time. Here are some of the main tennis ball machine characteristics to consider when you are shopping for one.



  1. PRICE

    Of course, the price is a big factor in any tennis ball machine buying decision and it should be because of the wide variety of prices you will see on these devices in the sports marketplace. We do find that the higher price a tennis practice machine costs the better the quality of that machine is. It is definitely a market that you get what you pay for so consider that when making your purchase. That does not mean you can’t find a good machine at an affordable price because there are some if you take your time looking.


    Anytime you have a machine that includes a large battery and many mechanical parts it is inevitable that it will be a machine that has some weight to it; such is the very case with tennis ball machines. Since you will have to be able to repeatedly move the practice tennis machine you buy on and off the court, you will also want it to be fairly portable. This is especially true if you keep your tennis ball machine at a facility that you share with other tennis players. So look for such features as built-in large wheels and sturdy metal handle to help make the task of moving it easier.


    Although no tennis practice machine is waterproof it still may be exposed to such elements as wind, blowing debris or airborne mists. That is why you want to get a tennis ball machine that is made out of sturdy materials like metal or heavy duty plastic. This will help ensure your tennis ball device will hold up well for a long time. You also want to look for controls that are well protected from the elements and function freely if they are not digital type controls.


    No opponent you will face in a tennis match will hit the ball the same when every time, so you don’t want your tennis ball machine to do that either. That means that you need a tennis machine that is able to do a lot of different things as it shoots a ball at you. That way it will really help improve your overall game. Here are few things that the better tennis practice machine will be able to do with a tennis ball:

  5. SPIN

    There is no harder shot to return in tennis than one that is spinning wildly as it is coming at you. The only way to get good at returning these tricky shots is to practice handling them over and over again. That is the very reason why a tennis ball machine that has the capability to produce shots with a spin on them can be very valuable as you train.


    Opposing players will also widely vary the height of their shots too. Some players are experts at doing such things as lobbing a tennis ball and other like to hit it hard and low. You will need a tennis ball machine that can replicate as many shot heights as possible in order to practice returning these types of shots.


    This is another important aspect of a tennis player’s game. All good players will vary the speed on their shots in order to keep their opponents guessing and force them into making mistakes. That is why a tennis ball machine that can vary the speed of the balls it throws at you can be an invaluable practice partner.


    When you are playing against an opponent they will hit the ball to every area of the tennis court so your tennis ball machine better is able to do that too. You need a machine that has the capability to randomly spread the balls it shoots out all over the court. That way you not only get to work on your shot but you can also practice your very important footwork and positioning also.


    Most tennis ball machines have a variety of settings on them and this is great because it will really help you improve the necessary tennis skills you need to be more competitive. Unfortunately, most of the time you practice with a tennis ball machine it will be located very far away from you and on the other side of a net. You certainly don’t want to spend your valuable practice time running back and forth to change the settings of the shots it shoots out at you. That is why a remote control option is a very nice feature to have on any tennis ball machine that you will purchase.


    When you buy a tennis ball machine you are buying an expensive piece of equipment that is by no means disposable. For that reason, you need some assurance when you spend that type of money that you are getting a product that will stay working for a very long period of time. That is where a good warranty can really give you much peace of mind as far as your buying decision is concerned. Even the best brands of tennis ball machines can have a material defect or get put together poorly on occasion. So check out the warranty a model has before making your purchase.


Post time: Dec-14-2019