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Social distancing means being trapped at home, which gives many of us more time to play video games and even catch up with the changeable backlog. IGN staff gathered from our remote areas to share some suggestions on how we execute the shelter-in-place order. We try to group the recommended games according to our own preferences and, if possible, by the “emotion” category. Hope this will inspire some inspiration. Please follow the comments in the list and the “mood” you choose in the comments below to share your own suggestions!
If there is enough time to try Platinum as one of the best games of all time, it is it. -Matt Kim
A single ultimate mission takes many different paths in exploring locations, meeting objects, and hunting content. Some more painful tasks will also be with you. -Tina Amini
If you want nightlife in a big city, Yakuza can meet your requirements. Set in the surprisingly precise entertainment activities in certain rowdier neighborhoods in Japan, all kinds of games have filled their crazy opera crime stories with a large number of ridiculous mini-games and secondary stories that will date, friendship, and eat. , Drinking, smoking, gambling, karaoke, disco gamification dancing, polite conversation, and even managing the hostess club. -Max Scoville
The latest work in the “Doom” series is tough and fair, and the boy does feel that he can conquer the magic of the devil alone, not to mention fashionable. -Tina Amini
The frustrating despair, the citizens locked indoors and the terrible epidemic of infection may now strike very close to home, but please listen to me! The blood source is to overcome fear and adversity and destroy it while cheering and screaming on TV. Remember you spent so many years saying “I wish I had time to participate in the SoulsBorne game”? Well, now you can, this is the best of them. -Blood source. -Brian Altano
The town of Yarnham and its labyrinthine environment is a terrible, terrifying place, and definitely a place worth exploring. It’s challenging and dull, but it’s definitely worth the trouble in the gaming experience and the sense of community that comes with it. I say this is a huge timidity that is not good for the game. -Max Scoville
Thanks to the well-tuned skills of Dishonored 2, you can cause all kinds of chaos-quiet or loud in the sun-dappled, southern European-style city of Karnaca. There is an attention to detail here, which implies a huge world construction value. -Lucy O’Brien
Things in real life are terrible, but they are not “infected with religious cults, trying to suddenly assassinate you from the neck with eyeball tentacles.” At least not yet. RE4 has been released on almost all systems manufactured, and it is still effective despite 15 years of history. This is a great, long game, kick your ass now, you should take the responsibility to pass the level or re-clear it yourself. -Brian Altano
In New Vision, we will pick apples and design fountains with our friends for a long time. If we can’t meet in real life, we can sit together on cute park benches and show off new hairstyles and new outfits. -Tina Amini
There are some special reasons that make animal rampage a good thing. First, you can visit a friend’s home without worrying about getting sick. You can run around and play outside without washing your hands for the next forty times. The more houses you have, the bigger your house will become. This is contrary to my true feeling of living in an apartment for a week. Oh, the supermarket in town still has leftover items. It’s a good place now. -Brian Altano
Whether it’s revisiting or finally having a chance to remove something from the backlog, my list is all about games you might be stuck in. -Tina Amini
Generally, I prefer shorter games and experiences. Ideally, I can complete the operation in about 10 to 12 hours. But in special situations, such as when I spend most of my time indoors, I will indulge in richer games, usually 100 hours of RPG. In this case, I almost always manage to complete games like Persona 4 or The Witcher 3. -Matt Kim
Now is the time for all of us to become professional gamers (yes), or at least try to work through our backlog of games. I personally devote my time to more multiplayer games and almost everything on Xbox’s Game Pass, because there are too many games available. -Miranda Sanchez
I’m at a loss, nothing to do. In that case, to some extent, large-scale narrative games only emphasize the length of the days and make me more boring. This is why I am more and more using food quality games around short loops, repetitive and quasi-magical time to make more time. -Joe Skrebels
I am trapped at home by two children, so I can immediately put down the turn-based game, or return to a game where they can watch me play without being troubled by blood, which is a huge gain for me. Combine my love for tactics and VR, and you will get the following suggestions. -Dan Stapleton
When confined indoors, I always feel that it is very important to keep in touch with your friends and find a way to keep in touch and stay refreshed. This is not just a fast multiplayer game. Therefore, I am grateful for games that can explore the vast world with friends, and party games that allow friends to easily join and stick to the good times. -Brendan Graeber
I tend to spend most of my time on MMO or first-person shooter games, but for platform game developers such as LEGO video games, I am also very attractive. When I try to pass the time-many of us are now focusing on doing things in a fun way-I tend to tend towards lighter games unless I can get together with good friends and kill some dragons ( Or try). -Jesse Wade
The games I like are those that allow me to really explore the real little world of life. Does this mean seeing what is hidden in every little corner, or how the world will react if I do something stupid. This is a wrong decision I spent dozens of hours in several virtual areas, without real-world influence. -Max Scoville
For me, escapism always has two flavors. There is a way of escaping from reality of “escape to a happier place”. The bright, vibrant world is full of happy saccharine characters, which makes me feel there is hopeful. Then there is a bleak, miserable, terrifying “Escape from reality, spend time in this much worse world than you, you will feel better”. These types of vacations usually have one thing in common: they are surprising because they are games I have conquered before, and I know them well, so they are comforting. In difficult times, when we do not have many routine habits, comforts and trivial things in the real world, we will begin to feel that we have lost control of things, and I have always found that through video smashing, I know it from beginning to end. Gaming—usually kicking the butt—makes me feel that I have actually accomplished something, not just refreshing the frightening twenty-four-hour news cycle, which is a great reward. -Brian Altano
I suggest you play several games with almost unlimited replayability. These are rogue games, pure game master classes, full of secrets of discovery and reward challenges. Whenever you think you have come up with one of these games, another layer of information will be revealed, and the world will expand at a speed you can never imagine. -Dimon Hatfield
The best video games have such a close connection that makes you feel like an occasional visitor. They are there long before you arrive, and they will be there long after you leave. Here are some of my favorite worlds in video games to help you distract from reality. -Lucy O’Brien
When my tonsils rolled out and I had to stay in bed for two weeks, I defeated the Psychonauts, which established an immortal bond between me and the excellent game that I have maintained to this day. My tonsils have been discarded and forgotten. Screw it up, tonsils. Although I will spend most of my free time playing video games anyway, there is no doubt that forced indoor time and game time are particularly good. Case in point: When I thought it was the best time to finally invest in home VR equipment, my current social evacuation plan was broken. Whether you want to explore a brand new game console, re-experience your favorite retro comfort food, or waste a lot of downtime on a fascinating storyline, I will list some games below, and will play one of them extensively Month, and my brief insights on why there is such a good time to show them. -Michael Swaim
Don’t forget to share your own suggestions in the form of a list and according to the “mood” you choose in the comments below!

Post time: Sep-15-2020