There have been three modes of badminton server on the market

Rely on the counter-rotating serving wheel to rotate at high speed, squeeze the head of the shuttlecock to throw the shuttlecock. As you can see from the figure below, first fix the two serving motors on the sheet metal bracket, and then fix the two serving wheels on the two motors respectively; when serving, the two motors drive the serving wheels to rotate in opposite directions, and the badminton passes The chain is transferred between the two serving wheels, squeezed and thrown by the rapidly rotating serving wheel.


The shuttlecock is sent out by high-pressure gas. This method has a relatively large volume and requires an air compressor to compress the air and spray the shuttlecock with compressed air. Due to the high cost, complicated operation, high power consumption, high noise, and large serving intervals, this type of method has almost disappeared.

The principle of hitting the badminton with one or two rackets is relatively simple. The badminton robots that you saw playing with the prime minister a few years ago were in this way. The disadvantage of this kind of ball machine is also obvious, that is, it can only receive the ball, but can not serve, and the quality of the ball is relatively poor, and there is no way to receive the ball before the net. The result is that you fight with him, not it fights with you.

The first type of ball machine is currently the most popular ball machine on the market, and the second and third types of ball machines are rarely seen. The first type of serve has many advantages, such as good reliability, low cost and low noise; during the serve, the shuttlecock can be sent by two high-speed spinning wheels. The speed of the ball can be controlled by the motor speed, as long as the motor runs normally. , And the speed can return to the set speed immediately after serving, the point of the serve will be very stable; at the same time, the power consumption of this serving method is relatively small, because the high-speed rotation of the motor and the serving wheel will not be greatly affected by each serve Reduced, it can almost be kept within a certain speed range, so after a serve, the original speed can be restored after a while; in addition, the service life of this method is also very long.


Post time: Aug-07-2020