2 In 1 Automatic Racket Stringing Machine For Tennis Badminton Racket

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2 In 1 Automatic Racket Stringing Machine For Tennis Badminton Racket

Model: DS10

* Synchronizing clip

* Automatic clamp base

* Constant pull

* Four kinds of pre-stretch

* Menu setting

* Storage memory


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2 In 1 Automatic Racket Stringing Machine For Tennis Badminton Racket



The highly specialised Dksportbot stringing machines provide optimal performance stringing for badminton, squash and tennis rackets. They convince with easy usage and are regularly used at top tournaments with professional stringers. DS10 is our best racket stringing machine with LCD interface with both english and chinese language control panel,it’s intelligent Mirco-computer system control with automatic pound correction function,to assure precision ±0.1 pound.There’re 4 sets pound memory and 3 Stringing speed could be set as user’s request.
The DS10 machine has constant pull tensioning system and Round work plate with synchronous racket clipping system. The stringing head has the string protection system,which can be adjusted according to the stringing route.

Item Model: DS10

* Color: Black
* Suitable for: Double use for tennis and badminton rackets
* Net weight: 40kg
* Working voltage: 100-240V
* Size: 100*44*109cm
* Intelligent computer automatic pound correction, precise to +-0.1
* Stable constant pull function
* Power-on self-checking system
* Store memory function, can set 4 groups of weight
* Pulse width modulate, variable speed can be available, protecting the string from hurting when the string is in tension
* 4 groups of prestretch, suitable for different string.
* Sensor automatic string control, improving stinging speed and avoid breakdown
* Three gears for speed
* Knot and pound increasing set, automatically reset after finishing
* “Menu” includes Chinese and English interface, function parameter
* Three gears for voice
* The voltage is 100-240V, suitable for any countries.
* LB and KG transfer function
* Pound adjust function
* Automatic back head function when over time
* Stringing head has the string protection system, which can adjust according to the stringing route.

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