DB8 High End Professional Tablet Controled Coach Badminton Training Machine

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Badminton Machine Shuttlecock Feeder Badminton footwork Training machine wrist skill training machine


DK Badminton ball machine shuttlecock shooting machine Yellow tablet shuttle shooting machine    Suitable for badminton court badminton stadium badminton academy badminton club

High power and high speed smash mall

Combined with two shuttle cage, shot fast and can program professional drop point you want

Portable and with all direction wheels. Wheel shakes are also work.

Net ball are precise and high clear ball can be adjusted well. High and standard.

Many player said their ball feeling better and can shot more and control better.


1.S8025 consists of two ball cages, two heads, a base, and a tablet.

2. Two ball cages can hold 360-400 balls at one time, without picking balls

3. Elevation angle of the ball from 35 degrees to -16 degrees, automatically adjust any angle within the range of the stadium, no remote control, all controlled by computer

4. Can store 96 training modes and start it with one button once set a new mode. Multi-mode storage can be tailored to different students and different skill levels. You can directly set, delete, add, modify modes.

5.Speed, frequency, horizontal angle and vertical height can be adjusted freely.

6. It be combined in parallel or high and low.  The front and back fields are divided by two machines. The service is more stable, the placement is more precise, and the two machines are perfectly matched to cover full court.

7.Suitable for any shuttlecock( nylon , plastic and so on )

8. The base can be folded for easy assembly and transportation. The four wear-resistant casters make the chassis more stable and more convenient to move.

9.It is a good auxiliary equipment for the initial practice of the students and the subsequent improvement of the level skills.


  • Product Name: DB8 Professional Badminton Shooting Machine
  • Packages: Carton with Wooden Frame
  • Cartons Quantity: Five Cartons
  • Suitable for: Club, Coaches, School
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