Smart Children Basketball Machine Demi 2 Red Basketball Machine

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Home use Indoor Demi 2 Intelligent Basketball Equipment for Kids Smart Basketball Shooting Machine Children Toy Basketball machine

Using Intelligent Basketball Machine Shot for fun, your kids will grow much taller

Choose SHOT FOR FUN, become a healthy and happy basketball kid ever since

Shot for fun is not only a fitness and entertainment toy. It adopts a combination design with basketball stands and basketball shooting machine, which can meet application of multiple scenarios in the living room, courtyard, campus, childrens sports club, stadium, leisure square and playground. It is an intelligent sports equipment  for basketball skill training and for kids aged three to ten years old.

Shot for fun help children develop good habits, cultivating childrens interest for basketball machine and strengthening their physique from an early age

Benefits: Shooting training, habit correction, promote height growth, parent-child interaction, entertainment ad decompression, fitness and weight loss, interests cultivation.

The two-in-one design of the basketball rack and basketball shooting machine make shot for fun small and exquisite, so it is not restricted by the venue. Shot for fun also can be used indoor safely.

Smart serving can practice without companionship. Without leaving home, child can perform shooting training systematically. In that case, shot for fun have solved the problem of no partners and offer convenient training in rainy days.

Every detail is meticulously crafted in pursuit of higher product quality.

Wide mouth fence storage, have no trouble for frequent ball picking.

Adopting wide mouth fence storage, it can automatically receive and pass the basketball after shooting. Without the trouble of picking up the basketball, the training efficiency is increased by 3 times than usual.


  • Net weight: 30 KG
  • Product size: 91*76*152cm
  • Ball Capacity: 1 pc
  • Ball size: 4
  • The adapter: 12V ;10A
  • Serving Distance: 1.0-3.0M
  • Model: Demi 2
  • Age: 3-12 years old
  • Power: 80W
  • Frequency: 5-10s/ball
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