Speed Training LED Reaction Light 6.0 host light 1+sub light 6

Short Description:

Reaction Light 6.0 is designed for coaches. Player, medical therapists, and children at various stages to complete the training program with high quality in physical and reaction training.

Reaction light 6.0 has obtained appearance patent and utility model technology patent from the State intellectual property office.

Applicable fields: Sports , Healthcare, Tactical, Feel involved in Decision Processing Capability.

Function: Train faster reaction, enhance accuracy


Two specification

  1. One host light and six sub light:248*180*145mm, 12350G/SETS


The host light: Host light can control the other six lights within 15 meters.

Sub light: Each sub light turn on and turn off themselves, and charge separately by USB.  dk-6.0反应灯详情页2019.10_01 agilelight2 dk-6.0反应灯详情页2019.10_03 dk-6.0反应灯详情页2019.10_04 dk-6.0反应灯详情页2019.10_05 dk-6.0反应灯详情页2019.10_07 dk-6.0反应灯详情页2019.10_08 dk-6.0反应灯详情页2019.10_09 dk-6.0反应灯详情页2019.10_10

  • Applicable: Gym, Taekwondo, ball skill footwork training, rehabilitation
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