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Products Description


1.Smart  remote control with multi-function(speed, frequency, angle, rotate)

2.Suitable for any tennis balls(training balls, professional balls)

3.Standard accessories: remote control, charger and cable

4.Control panel including: power indicator, buttery indicator, AC/DC switch, AC socket, fuse, DC socket.

5.AC and DC power are available. AC 100V-  110V and 220V- 240V are optional , DC 12

mart remote control with multi-function(speed, frequency, angle, rotate, etc.)



Function Instruction



1.You can realize different modes of training by intelligent programming.

2.High performance of photoelectric sensors makes the machine runs more stably.

3.Achieve the unique functions by setting different speed, spin and relevant angle, and get the function of unique depth of high pressure ball.

4. Humanized design, internal serve direction, more practical training.

5.The remote control is clear and easy to operate with LCD screen .

6.The battery with large capacity can last 5-6  hours which allows you to have

fun when playing.

7.Remote control with different vertical and horizontal elevation, arbitrary

choice of placement .

8.Random function.

9. 6 kinds of top and back spin adjustment.

10.Remote control with two line function(wide, middle, narrow),three line functions.

11. One button to choose six kinds of cross-line ball .

12.One button to choose different horizontal ball.

13 .One button to choose different vertical elevation ball.

14. Internal battery makes the machine more convenient.

15. Double S ball dividing system makes the ball shooting more smoothly.

16. LCD display of battery level on the machine.

17. Suitable for any tennis balls(training balls, professional balls).

18.Shooting wheels and the main motor with high quality

materials are durable, motor service life can be up to 10 years.

19.Large and fashionable moving wheels, noble and wear-resisting.

20. Portable telescopic rod, easy to move.

21. AC and DC power are available, AC 100V-110V and 220V-240V are optional, DC 12V.

22.Standard accessories :remote control, charger, and cable.

23. Capacity:160pcs balls.

24.Luxurious design easy to carry, can be placed in the trunk of any cars after folding .




Power plug


Charging light


Power light


DC socket FUSE AC socket

AC/DC switch

AC socket


DC socket

(Charging dock)

Power indicator

Battery indicator

Red light means charging. Green light means full charge.

Note: The charger is only used for charging, Dont use it as the power cord

Please check the parts according to the following list when the machine unpacked.

For tennis ball machine, why to choose DK SPORTBOT brand?

Quality NO.1: Perfect workmanship, details determine the quality, Details reach quality, quality reach brand

Function analysis: Full functions with remote control(speed, frequency, work/pause, fixed/flat, lob, vertical line, deep and light ball, horizontal line, random, forehand and backhand wide-line, middle-line and narrow line, three line, six cross line, self-program , topspin, backspin.

6 months market research 180 days continuous testing 100000 pieces market data analysis


High quality motor to realize different angle of shooting

LCD display of remote control: Clear interface, convenient to operate

Product Composition

Telescopic rod Ball basket Main machine
Shooting window Moving wheel Pad


Product Parameters

Description Micro-computer tennis ball machine Power AC 110V/240V, DC 12V
Model DT2 Gross Weight 29KG
Ball capacity 180 PCS Carton size 66.5*49*61.5cm
Speed 20-140 km/h Battery Internal
Frequency 1.8-7 s/ball Shooting Direction Internal
Color Black Suitable for Individual, school, club, institution
Remote control, AC power cable, Charger, Manual


Achieve your big dream with this delicate machine

The reason for hot selling

A week Have better feeling
A month Master basic action
Three months Correct tennis skill
Six months Practice in the court
A year Play match



  • Product Name: T1600 Tennis Ball Launcher
  • Model: T1600
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: DK Sportbot
  • Weight: 31KG
  • Size: 66.5*49*61.5/0.2 CBM
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