Tennis Training Device Forehand and Backhand swing tennis training Equipment 403

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Warming note: The size of yellow ball on the device is the same with real tennis.










  1. One week you will make great progress
  2. One month you will be familiar with the tennis basic action
  3. Two months you will be skilled and with correct hitting action
  4. Three months you can play on the tennis court
  5. Six months you can play tennis match








Ten advantages




  1. Patent products, best for beginner
  2. No need court, no need ball
  3. Easy to assemble, convenient to carry
  4. Fast to correct hitting action
  5. Well improve to coordinate the actions
  6. A tireless partner to train strength and endurance
  7. Three-level buffering design, stable and high efficiency
  8. Control and enhance the hitting accuracy
  9. Adjustable height is suitable for different stature
  10. A fashionable and healthy gift








Correct hitting action





4.Winding up






Various training way




Forehand training Backhand training Slice training Footwork training








The unique design with three level buffer, reset rapidly and improve stability


The first big buffer, which exists between the little yellow plastic ball and the strut to enforce cushioning effect ensuring the speed of rebound and its stability.

The second big buffer, which combined with the main part and strut enforcing the machines stabilization and reducing the rebounds inertial.

The third big buffer on the bottom of the strut, using the soft plastic water bag fix the main part and increase the gravity to keep a steady state of training device.

PVC durable ball is ageing resistance and good toughness, can be used in any time.

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  • Product Name: Tennis Training Device 403
  • Application: Tennis Forehand and backhand swing training
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