Newest design soccer training equipment football machine

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Name:Newest design soccer training equipment football machine

Model: DF2

* Intelligent remote control system

* High-performance photoelectric sensor ,stable function

* Remote fine-tuning vertical angle

* Random ball function


Price: $5512 – $8268

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Newest design soccer training equipment football machine


Football is the world’s first sports, it embodies the perfect combination of strength and speed. It is like the cheetah in the nature, the speed, rhythm, dynamic, strength and stretch of running give a beautiful enjoyment. This kind of beauty is for power, for speed and for spirituality. Dksportbot DF2 scoccer ball passing machine throws the ball with high accuracy at short interval. You can adjust the speed, interval, shooting angles of horizontal or vertical. And it is remote controlled.

* Serving frequency: 4.5- 6.5 sec/ball
* Ball capacity: 15 balls
* Adjustable vertical angle range: 0-40 degree
* Adjustable horizontal angle range: 0-70 degree
* Application range: personal, school, club and training institutions
* Powe: 200W
* Voltage: AC 100-240V
* Net weight: 102kg
* Computer Self-Programming, Remote Control
* Adjustable vertical angle and horizontal angle
* Fixed-point, two-line ball, three-line ball, random, high and low, rotating ball etc. Different functional modes training
* From ground ball to head ball, intelligent adjustment, arbitrary angle and intensity
* Intelligent placement programming, self programming different training modes
* Can store multiple fixed modes
* High-end wear-resistant moving wheels, portable
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