Reaction Light 6.0

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Applicable Items: Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Taekwondo, Gym And Other Agile Response Training


1. Built-In High-Performance Polymer Lithium Battery 960MAH

2. Can Actually Work 80 Hours,

3.Infrared Induction,

4. Four Colors (Green, Blue, Pink, Red) Prompt


Price: $169- $220

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New arrival agility training lights 6.0 Led light reaction light

Fitlight training

Light trainer

Reaction light for training

Applicable items:

Basketball, football, volleyball, ice hockey, taekwondo, gym and other agile response training


1. Built-in high-performance polymer lithium battery 960MAH

2. Can actually work 80 hours, infrared induction, four colors (green, blue, pink, red) prompt lamp

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