Tennis Restringing Machines Racket DS10 Automatic Stringing Machine

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For tennis racket:

1. Use the tennis high pound protector.

2. Take off the badminton special U clamp.

3. Release the adjusting knob and move the column to the end and tighten it.


* For badminton racket:

1. Use the badminton high pound protector.

2. Take on the badminton special U clamp.

3. Release the adjusting knob and move the column to the front and tighten it.


DS10 Tennis and badminton racket  stringing machine

Six advantage for you to choose :

  1. Synchronizing clip
  2. Automatic clamp base
  3. Constant pull
  4. Four kinds of pre-stretch
  5. Menu setting
  6. Storage memory

We have core R&D technology

  1. Storage memory Photo electricity Sensing
  2. Add pounds to knot KG/LB transform
  3. Constant pull Automatic calibration of pounds
  4. Automatic clamp base Synchronizing clip
  5. Three speed in pulling Four kinds of pre-stretch
  6. Automatic fault detection Pounds precision

Patented products deserve your trust

Company Profile

SIBOASI was founded in 2006, focus on the research and development, production of intelligent sports equipment. At present, it has the most complete and largest R&D with production base of ball training equipment in the world. SIBOASI is a world-renowned new and special high-tech sports equipment enterprise.

Two-year warranty, great after-sales service

Global professional after-sales technical services team and a full range of spare parts supply, so that you can buy without worries.

Stringing machine with precise  tension force to 0.1 pounds

Product Construction

U-clamp, tension head, LCD screen, Five teeth Clamp, Advanced tracking way, Operating button, Middle Pipe, Tripod, Power switch, power socket

Racket switch

  1. Change for tennis racket: Install the tennis high-pound protector and the tennis special U-Clamp to the corresponding position, then rotate the adjusting knob of the column to the right position for tennis racket.
  2. Change for badminton racket: Install the badminton high-pound protector to the corresponding position, and take off the tennis special U-Clamp to the corresponding position, then rotate the adjusting knob of the column to the right position for badminton racket.

Six-point sync clip system

The clamp holding base can rotate for 360 degrees. Six-point single clipping system creates the uniform tension, which protect the racket from deformation.

Automatic clamp holder

Automatic rotating seat

This patented design is convenient and practical, shorten your stringing time.

Anti-slipping design

C-clamp: Anti-slipping decompression design, uniform force without deformation.

Exquisite craftsmanship

High quality clamp head

After smoothing , hardening, polishing and other delicate processes, the line can’t slip and won’t get damage.

Precise adjustment

Adjustment knob

Seiko quality, fine-tuning function

Finely adjust the racket position

Protection design

High pound protector

Making the clipper more stable, preventing the racket from deforming.

Disadvantage: Data are measured manually and may vary a little

Specific parameters

Model: S3169              Application: Double use for tennis and badminton

Color: Black                 Working voltage: 100-240V

Net weight: 40 KGS


Product size:95*44*109CM

Packing list

Principal machine, full set of accessories( refer to attachment list), Operation instruction

Please check the parts on the list carefully after receiving the goods.

3/4/5/6 mm Allen wrench , power cable, fuse, long nose pliers, cutting pliers, starting clamp, stringing hook, tennis and badminton aw

Professional technical service and complete spare parts supply after providing the customer name, purchasing date and bar code of the machine.

Warranty: 2 years

Kindly noted: the bar code is certification to keep your machine under warranty. Please call SIBOASI hot line(86)-769-82262772.



The model 3169 stringing machine is the biggest thing to happen to stringing machines in quite some time. It is the ultimate extension of SIBOASIs campaign to demonstrate how committed it is to being the leader in the field of strings and stringing. SIBOASI spent near ten years developing the stringing machine, from manual stringing machine to computer stringing machine.

By the time we finished assembling the machine, we were excited to turn it on and try it out. When we turned the machine on, parts of it started moving on their own as part of its diagnostic check. This initial diagnostic process is guaranteed to cause customers’ heads to turn.


Installation steps

  1. Lock the screw of the base.
  2. Install the main machine on the column and lock the screw
  3. Install the work plate and lock the screw




  1. Do not disassemble or change the machine without authorization, otherwise it will damage the machine or cause serious accidents.
  2. Do not use the machine outside when rainy day, avoid any damage.
  3. Power off when the machine is repaired or not in used.
  4. Do not move it while working.
  5. Do not touch the inner parts when the machine is operating, avoid any accident.
  6. Forbid minors to operate or clean the machine, avoid damage the machine or any danger.


Stringing a racquet can take up to an hour for a novice, or around twenty minutes for a skilled stringer; during professional tournament a very skilled stringer may be asked to string a racquet while the player is on court. These stressful string jobs can take just 10 minutes for a seasoned tournament stringer with a effective stringing machine such as SIBOASI stringing machine.


Tennis strings are usually made up of gut, polyester or a hybrid of the two but have been known to consist of other materials including: nylon, metal, multifilament and Kevlar. Racquet tension can vary from anywhere from 30-70 lbs. Professional players tend to opt for the upper limit of the racquet tension range, however, an increasing number of recent players have been choosing lower tensions to favour power.


Badminton strings are usually made up of microfilament, but historically used to be strung with gut. Racquet tension can vary from 18-36 lbs. Professional players tend to opt for the upper limit of the racquet tension range.


Best Stringing Machine sell well in Australia


Australia stringing machine with lower shipping cost

3169 stringing machine for both tennis racket and badminton racket


Computer control with automatic advanced clamp holder and tracking way

Easy operation, children like play the pull head.

Electronic panel, very precise stringing lbs.

Don’t hurt string and no stringing slip

Offer free full set of tools


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